Reading texts requires an attentive and careful study of the material. It helps us understand them and gives explanations so we understand the reasons of changes. It requires an comprehension of both the words used as well as any biases the writers of the texts may have might have. Be aware of the processes that have shaped our history and comprehending how fast societies are changing is vital when looking at the world. Primarily sources are the foundation of study in the field of history.

The events that have changed the course of history like those that shaped the era like the Russian Revolution and its subsequent collapse as well as that of Hitler and Fascism as well as the recent Arab Spring uprisings and past economic crisis show that it is possible to experience massive economic, social and political changes across and within societies. They include documents, as well as other documents made by individuals who witnessed the events of history. These shifts, in turn, can impact fundamentally on the structures of political and social life within societies, which could provide the perfect platform to bring about social transformation.

Comparing and contrasting eras prior and after major events help students to understand the implications of major events and social changes. Despite the numerous examples above Many people are unable to comprehend the rapidity of time and claim that it’s always been this way and will never change’. By understanding the reasons behind and the effects of historical events, they understand how historical events change in time, and could cause a ripple effect that lasts further into the distant future.

It has been proven time and again that this isn’t true, because societies are able to and change with time and in addition that the world is continuously evolving and changing because of the nature of capitalism. The ability to compare different perspectives can help create an appreciation for different opinions and ideas. Marx spoke about this capitalist dynamic throughout his Communist Manifesto thus: Different people and groups consider historical events the exact identically, so it is crucial to examine all perspectives. "All locked, fast-frozen relationships that have a history of old and inexplicably venerable opinions and prejudices are removed, and every new and fresh one becomes outdated before they are able to solidify.

Comparing different cultures can help develop an understanding of the ways people of different times perform their lives, work or pray and even create, and also increase awareness of the human nature. Everything solid dissolves into air, everything that is sacred is destroyed and the man finally has to examine the realities of living, as well as his relationships with his family." offers a range of lessons that will aid students in developing these essential skills that will help them define the term "history" better and to discuss the various forms of historical periods, and also speak and write about it in a scholarly manner. In this way, Marx is suggesting that social relations – that is, the human interactions with each the other and with nature is constantly evolving in response to the underlying nature of capitalism. Skills.

The dynamism of capitalism constantly transforms the methods of production and, consequently, the social structure until the day when these exploitation-based relationships are exposed and are susceptible to being destroyed. US History Skills Practice World History Skills Practice. Our history or the story of our lives The reason why the story of our people’s history is significant. History Homeschool Curriculum. The origins essay of history are derived from a mix of two words"his" and "story’. offers many sources for homeschooled children who want to satisfy their academic needs or explore independently in the field of history. This is usually the way we learn in school, the his-story.

Elementary students in the younger grades can look into Ancient History, while middle students may take a look at the basics of World History or explore World History I and World History II in more detail. His-story tends to be the simple narrative of heroic elites courageous kings and queens strong government, the battles that were fought and lost. They can also learn about US History.

In the words of Tanner says, There are also World History and US History courses designed specifically by high school pupils. "Studying historical events was once only for the elite of society. High school students who are more advanced can take advantage of’s courses to help them prepare for the AP examinations on US History and European History. It was done for specific motives, for instance, to garner enthusiasm for the political system and to encourage people to help in campaigns and conquers, or to measure the success of military operations or commemorate the lives of considered to be significant individuals such as Saints and Kings."