Test management software helps you manage that process, but for it to be of the most value, it needs to integrate well into your product development infrastructure and support your chosen software development methodology. Aimed at helping organizations achieve optimal testing results, some companies have developed test management tools to guide Quality Assurance teams in the process. These tools help companies plan testing activities, store information on how to hold testing, and audit the testing process. Test Link is an open source web-based test management tool developed and maintained by Teamtest.

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SpiraTest is the most feature-rich and easy to use test management solution on the market today. SpiraTest offers world-class test management that adapts to your methodology , workflow, DevOps toolchain, and reporting needs. Powerful, flexible, and easy to use, SpiraTest has the industry best practices baked in.

The Future of QA in DevOps

That you have tested all those weird corner cases that might hide a bug. This is much harder to measure than what percentage of your functions have unit tests. Totally agree, many times we have little to no say on what tools we get to use, and we should be grateful to have a tool at all. It is designed to organize all the testing efforts on one platform. You can maintain test case repositories, execute test cycles, and log defects.

Choosing proper test management tools

Consequently, the capabilities required from a test management tool for the support of exploratory testing are rather different from those of planned and scripted testing. Unlike requirements, which represent results, test cases represent tasks – tasks that are going to be repeated. As such, they can be allocated directly to individuals for execution, (the tests, not the individuals.) If you can group a number of tests together, then you can create convenient work packages.

This is one of the very few open-source test management tools that are available for use in the market. It is a web-based tool with typical features like test case creation abd maintenance, test suite management, test runs, tracking bugs, reports, and integration with some common issue trackers. Many users find it to be a good starting point when they first want to adopt test management and move away from manual methods such as Excel or Word. PractiTest is centralized test management for manual testing and test automation. It is an end-to-end testing tool with full application lifecycle management. It allows you to reuse tests to save time and it comes with many customization options to adjust the tool for your needs.

Of course, that is reasonable, as more prominent organizations have projects that are also greater in scale and complexity. But for smaller organizations with a limited budget, don’t worry, there are tools that are budget-friendly especially for startups. As thought leaders and technical innovators, we created this blog to distil our thoughts, ideas and musings on improving software quality. All your test cases will be stored in suites, and you will get more traceability on what is covered and what is not. Additionally, if you use requirements-tracking functionality, you will have an end-to-end view of the requirements coverage. When making the ultimate decision, weigh in factors like adaptability to various development methods, user-onboarding time, usability, integration support, version control, budget, and security features.

Managing tests efficiently

You might want the ability to create separate views by team and then change the team people belong to, or create a variety of reports. The demand for agile in the current market is increasing, and it’s getting bigger each day. It is important that your test management tool support the agile methodology.

Fully Customizable reports can help users to check the status of the tests and overall project status. Test Management is a process for managing the day-to-day testing activities starting from creating the test cases to execution of the tests along with capturing the test results. Integrate with your favourite tools, customize roles, reports, filters and more. Price is affordable and flexible to suit large and small teams alike. Refer to this checklist to narrow down the selection process from dozens of attributes to consider the best test management tool for you.

Don’t be encouraged by the vendor to add needs to your list; if you are looking to buy a small family car, don’t leave the showroom with a large SUV. Understanding which tests can be automated and which are manual. Software is now so complex that it may be impossible to test every single possible interaction. But however idiot proof your UI is, Murphy’s Law dictates that someone will manage to break it. Being able to check and verify your test coverage will be critical at this stage. Test coverage should measure that you are testing every interaction in your UI.

What are the benefits of a test management tool?

Each team will have their own view into their ecosystem, or the ability to zoom down – or up – to the right view. Be sure to know if you need CI integration or APIs and if the tool can meet your needs. In such a case, the balance between cost & benefit of the tool may affect the final decision. There’re many types of test tool, which Test Manager can consider when selecting the test tools. The Inflectra Blog contains articles on all aspects of the software lifecycle.

Get behind the issues that make test coverage targets backfire and why this approach might be harmful. It’s essential to bear in mind that quality assurance is not merely about quality per se, as it should juxtapose with development. Therefore, you should have a thorough understanding of the development methodology, such as Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid. Whether you have a question about one of our services, how we work or how we can support your specific needs please request a call back here and one of our friendly team will be in touch. The ability to check in and out test artifacts and to monitor test progress and effort spent on testing to provide complete test progress analysis. The tool that you select must have a sophisticated reporting function to help all stakeholders make informed decisions.

Choosing proper test management tools

You must consider the app and the environments before finally selecting a tool. More often than not, QA teams with lesser budgets usually go for this option to organize their test cases. Even though these tools are meant for smaller projects, they are as effective as other types of tools. That means you don’t have to chase the more expensive option, especially when you are just starting with the testing process. Although the shift has been increasing, many companies still rely on manual approaches such as the use of excel sheets and Word documents to organize their testing process.

Exploratory Testing

Staff assigned for the testing process mostly consist of one person. With the growing demands from modern-day online companies, more and more organizations are resorting to agile methodologies to execute the software lifecycle. The demand reflects in the growing popularity of testing methodologies, given the increasing need to provide better quality delivery in a shorter period.

  • But for smaller organizations with a limited budget, don’t worry, there are tools that are budget-friendly especially for startups.
  • Since manual testing occupies most of the testing time one way to deal with this challenge is to step up automation.
  • It’s a challenge, however, to pick the right tool nowadays, given the numerous options in the market.
  • The test management tool must have full feature set available on mobile.
  • This might change the conversation from “why is QA taking so long?
  • We’ve discussed test management tools and why they are important to your business.
  • While for developers, if the tool provides API or custom integration support, demo script, and detailed documentation must be provided.

For organizations that need an evolved, enterprise-grade test management tool, commercial tools are a better choice. Simply because they support the evolving needs of DevOps and Agile teams with a faster product release cycle and built-in compliance features. Most test case management tools today use a Software As a Service model.

To offer your students the ultimate in flexibility and accommodation for their learning preferences, use a test management software that provides mobile support. One feature of test management software that is especially useful is the ability to generate reports about student success on individual questions. This way, you can discover where your class is having trouble as a whole and address those areas in particular. In the same vein, sometimes a certain question is causing confusion because of how it is presented on the test—the analytics features can help you discover these problems as well.

How to Select Best Automation Testing Tool

It enables continuous testing – that is testing at every stage of the CI/CD pipeline. Research indicates that software quality assurance accounts for more than 50 percent of the total cost of the software. So, choosing the right test case management tool is even more important. This is also useful for importing user stories or requirements, that allow product owners to continue working as they are used to, while streamlining the testing process reducing the need for repetitive manual work. Using a test management tool you can improve communication between testing team members, and between testing and RnD.

Choosing proper test management tools

Though all of the above support channels may not be available for all tools, you should select a tool that provides your “preferred” support channel. The test management tool must have full feature set available on mobile. Mobile support is extremely helpful for teams who are at the client location, not at the desk, or for managers, working with teams at different geographical https://globalcloudteam.com/ locations. For quality and consistency, your test management tool must enforce standardization. You should have the meeting with the project team, consultants to get the deeper knowledge of the tool. However, after discussing with the software vendor, you found that the cost of this tool is too high compare to the value and benefit that it can bring to the teamwork.

What we shall try to offer here is a way to look at test management features and how they might support various test methods or aspects of testing. Whether those features apply to your project or are more or less important, well only you can decide. Simply accomplish more with PractiTest Test Case Management.” They claim to turn your test data into actionable intelligence. Among other things, they allow seamless integration of manual and automated testing with your CI processes. It involves coordinating test resources and ensuring test plans are executed properly.


Your test management solution needs to know how to integrate with these external tools and platforms in order to provide an end-to-end and integrated view of the status of your tests. When choosing a test management tool, it’s important to select one that will scale with your company’s needs, allowing you to grow and expand based on your evolving challenges. This article describes the elements you should take into consideration when choosing your tool, including functionality, test data management tools comparison deployment method, customization, end-to-end coverage, and support. Jira is used by teams to develop software and manage software projects; however, it doesn’t have any native test management capabilities. Zephyr is the most popular Jira test management plugin on the Atlassian marketplace that provides elementary test management from inside Jira itself. Running automated tests in parallel CircleCI jobs is a great way to improve your CI pipeline performance.

How to choose a test management tool

Customizable reports to display the data useful to you using filter and sort options on date or field. Generation of test execution reports in various formats such as Word, Excel, and HTML formats. Zephyr Scale reports can be filtered by epics, stories, and versions which allows you to view full test progress for a specific workspace or version. Managing multiple versions of test cases at the same time allows us to compare the changes between versions. For example, you can add custom fields and status at the project level without the need for Jira Administrator.

This test case management system helps to manage and track software testing. Its intuitive web-based user interface makes it easy to create test cases, manage test runs and coordinate your entire testing process. Test management tools help you in managing the testing process. It allows you to gather requirements, design test cases, executing them, generating reports, monitoring metrics, and integrating with third-party defect tracking tools and test data management tools.